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Workplace Portraits

My absolute favourite (and to give it its proper name) the environmental portrait isn't just a photo: it's a story. A good environmental portrait leaves the viewer in no doubt as to what you do and how well you do it. Environmental portraits are shot with a wider angle, allowing the viewer to see not only the subject but also the tools of their trade and the fantastic things they create. An incredible amount of thought and organisation goes into putting these compositions together, making you and your workplace into a work of art.

These types of portrait are ideal for anyone with interesting workspaces and who have beautiful products and services to show off, from food to artwork, from the perfect haircut to the funkiest jewellery. Tell your story with an environmental portrait by Paul Oscar Photography.

Artist in paint-stained apron holding an easel and brush and standing in front of her paintings
Middle aged barber with a waxed moustache holding scissors and leaning on the chair in his barbersho
Woman in a bright pink top sitting at her desk with a painting in the left foreground
Seated artist looking up from his easel
Standing artist painting in hazy window light
Artist with long beard and bowler hat standing at easel next to his work
Black and white seated painter laughing as she paints
Sculptor looking up at camera as she works
Author looking up from his desk which is covered with books
Smiling artist wearing orange standing in hallway next to orange paintings
Black and white seated woman turning to look at the skeleton next to her
Linocut printer leaning against press next to her hanging prints
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