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Tell the story of your business by showcasing the tools of your trade and the fantastic products you use or make. This can can be done at the same time as your portrait shoot or, if you like, you can book a completely separate product shoot. Not only will I provide you with beautiful images for your website and socials: I'll also give you useful tips for how to improve your own product photography going forward.

Ben Bracken Whisky bottle and glass against black background
Two sculpted nude female torsos
Close up of sculpting tools on green cloth
Black and white print of swallows flying
Antique grocer's scales lit by an angled lamp
Close up of clippers on a barber's table
Close up of jars of hair product copacetic cream
Selection of oils paints seen from lid end
Scissors brushes and combs on a barber's table
Patterned swivel chair partly in shadow
Inverted painting of woman wearing orange
Wooden artist manikin pointing upwards
Charcoal drawing of bearded man holding baby
Different coloured ink bottles from above
Knife on wooden table next to sliced tomato from above
Close up of sketch of child's face
Close up of whiskey granite cubes tongs and glass
Framed watercolour painting in red blue and yellow
Close up of hand holding a slice of tomato against black background
Close up of hand holding small watercolour prints of York
Rack of linocutting tools
Close up of sculpting tools on green cloth
Low lit ceramic baby head against black background
Knife sticking in a tomato surrounded by sliced tomatoes
Tabletop selection of rusty pipes and small wooden handled tools
Yellow globe lit from one side against a black background
Watercolour lanscape painting in black frame with white border
Glass jar of rusty nails with label reading "£1"
Aged playing cards on wooden table next to whisky glass
Close up of hands holding a latte and a cake
Close up of sketches
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