Simple Portraits

Simple but beautiful, in this type of portrait the subject fills most of the frame, whether it be a headshot or a full-length portrait. The background may be plain black or white, or may be an outdoor location. Larger companies often favour the plain background look, while the outdoor shoot may suit those who don't have a fixed workplace, like actors and musicians. Indoor shoots can be done on location or at my studio in Acomb, York.

Mid-length headshot of a man in a suit, smiling
Outdoor headshot of a man next to some railings
Headshot of a young woman wearing a beanie hat against a black background
Headshot of a short-haired woman looking to the right against a black background
Low key portrait of a middle-aged man in profile against a black background
Mid-length headshot of a young woman with arms folded against a white background
Black and white close up of a young blonde woman's face
A chef wearing an apron and holding a kitchen knife and knife sharpener against a black background
A headshot of a bearded middle aged man with Rembrandt lighting