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Why spend countless paragraphs explaining to potential customers what you do when you can just show them? Studies show that people are turned off by text-heavy websites, but quality visuals will keep them on your page much longer and hopefully turn them into customers.

Line of American football players wearing yellow
Artist in black top looking down as she works
Close up of barista's hands holding a milk jug under a steamer
Close up of sculptor's hands holding bone and whittling tool
Linocut printer in apron leaning over desk holding ink roller
Close up of sculptor's hands
Close up of artists hands sketching
Close up of artists hand painting. Artist is wearing a special glove
Close up of laying pilates students with a line of two other students in background
Sculptor smiling as she works seated at her desk
Close up of artist's hand holding paintbrush
Laying pilates student with blue ball between legs
American football quarterback handing ball off to a running back
Painter standing at her easel looking down at a sheet of paper in her hand
Close up of an ink roller covered in green held by a yellow rubber gloved hand
Close up of an artist's hand working on a painting
C;ose up of sculptor's hand whittling bone resting on a purse
Foregrond of dried flowers in focus with blurred artist working in background
Close up of painter applying light blue paint to canvas
Pilates instructor standing in front of her class who are laying on blue mats
Close up of painter's hands and midsection at table covered by bottles of ink
Close up of ink stained yellow rubber glove
American football quarterback in yellow pitches ball to running back
Close up of figure in apron and ink-stained yellow rubber gloves holding object
Full length shot of painter working at easel from behind
Close up of hand sketching
Close up of a hand painting on raised canvas
Close up of pastry tongs hanging up with blurred cafe tables in background
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