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Style 1:Corporate

The corporate style is all about plain backgrounds (typically white), giving a professional, uniform look, particularly suited to large companies seeking consistency across their many branches nationally or even worldwide.

For a corporate shoot you'll just need to set a room aside with enough room for me to set up lights and the background and arrange a time slot, allowing around 10-15 minutes per team member, depending on how many shots you'd like of each person. To plan a shoot or request a quote please click below.


Style 2:Environmental

Favoured by smaller businesses and sole traders, environmental portraits show you in your natural surroundings. They have a much more informal feel and are also a good way of showcasing your workplace, particularly beneficial if you have an especially attractive workplace to which you're trying to attract customers.

For an environmental shoot you'll need to put aside an hour or two for us to set up and take the photos. We can use flash or, natural window light, or a combination of the two.  

To plan a shoot or request a quote please click below.


Style 3:Outdoor

Outdoor shoots use predominantly natural light and give an informal, natural look favoured by smaller businesses, sole traders, actors...the list goes on. And the good news is that the best time to shoot is when it's cloudy, which gives up plenty of chance to get some great shots. 

Outdoor shoots are generally a very relaxed affair and past shoots with individual clients have often consituted walking around town having a nice chat while trying out shots against a variety of backgrounds, but if you have a particular location in mind (perhaps outside your workplace) that's also good.

To plan a shoot or request a quote please click below.


Style 4:Creative

As far removed as the classic Corporate shot as you can get. This style (or variety of styles) is best suited to those in the creative industries, or in any line of work that grants you the freedom to express a bit of personailty in your portrait. Seen a photo in a magazine or online that you'd like to recreate? Get in touch and we can play around with lighting setups and backgrounds to recreate that look for you: headshot or full-length, indoors or outdoors, natural light or flash, the possibilities are endless. This is absolutely my favourite sort of shoot, and I look forward to hearing your ideas, so please hit the button below!

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