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Your business is amazing. You've worked hard on to get to where you are right now and you're rightly proud of what you're doing.


But your website has become a bit of an afterthought. And your social posts: well they just don't look as good as your competitors'.


Hi, I'm Paul, and as the owner of a small business I know the importance of getting noticed. I know that saying how great you are counts for very little if you're not showing how great you are.

That's why I'm the perfect photographer for your business. I don't do weddings. I don't do cake smashes. I don't do boudoir or fashion or Christenings or funerals: I do businesses. YOU're my main focus.

If you like the look of my website, or if you think my social posts are an absolute joy to behold (thanks!) then imagine how yours would look if you had the same photographer.


And if you're starting out and your budgets are small, don't worry: I know how you feel. Which is why for those who can't afford to have me take their photos for them I offer in-person courses and e-learning to help you get the most of of your smartphone camera.

And if only the best will do you can hire me for any combination of simple portraits, workplace portraits, shots of you working and pictures of your products and/or tools of the trade

I can also advise you on how to use your photos: from putting a Wix website (like mine) together to using Canva to add graphic design elements to your social posts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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